Cellulose Fibrils

Glomma Papp using Exilva in their Corrugated board adhesives

1,785 views October 29, 2019

Over a period of over two years, the Norwegian corrugated board producer Glomma Papp has, together with Borregaard and the Exilva innovation, extensively tested, produced and developed corrugated board solutions with no added boron.

How to add Exilva into Coatings

105 views April 08, 2024

A visual guide on how to correctly add Exilva into coating formulations.

Topic Tuesday #16 Microplastics in Agriculture

245 views November 30, 2021

How do we get rid of microplastics in AgChem? Listen to our #16 Topic Tuesday to hear our discussion on the topic!

Topic Tuesday 15 - Viscosity loss when tinting

178 views November 02, 2021

Prevention of viscosity loss upon tinting in waterborne coatings

Webinar: Exilva - a multifunctional bio-based additive for waterbased paints

913 views September 08, 2021

From a webinar at Vincentz with Jochum Beetsma, held March 2019.

Topic Tuesday #14: Heat of Hydration

480 views May 08, 2019

Heat of Hydration – avoiding cracks and tension issues in the curing phase of concrete. What is heat of hydration, and how does it affect the settling/curring of the concrete? Learn more about different types of concrete cracking, why they occur - and preventative measures and repair methods for fixing it. Hint: there are bio-based...

Topic Tuesday #13: Gypsum boards

373 views April 24, 2019

Gypsum boards (plasterboard/drywall) are a very commonly used product in the construction industry. Currently, the production of the boards is a labor-intensive, CO2 producing and energy consuming process with the need for many synthesized additives to retain the flow, strength and setting profiles. What if you could change that? Research...

Topic Tuesday #12: Is bio-based becoming a consideration in construction industry?

171 views January 08, 2019

We rely on well-proven construction technologies wherever we move around. The construction technologies have been developed for decades to make sure that we have long-living and safe infrastructure and buildings around us. But in a world moving in increasing speed towards more emphasis on lowering emissions and waste, how is the construction...

Topic Tuesday #11: Lime mortar can better compete with concrete

243 views November 20, 2018

Lime, consisting of air lime and hydraulic lime, is one of the most important historical construction materials. Due to new plasticizer technologies available, we are now seeing a new golden era approaching for this material? Don't miss out on this Topic Tuesday subject that can give you insights into improving lime mortar formulations which can...

Topic Tuesday #10: Safer and better batteries with thinner and stronger films

153 views November 06, 2018

Trends are clear; today's technology demands expect smaller and lighter devices, while at the same time the need for digital speed, pace and stamina is a potential deal breaker. How do you cope with this when developing tomorrows technology? In today's Topic Tuesday we serve you some interesting thoughts on how to keep your batteries safer, so...

Topic Tuesday #9: Sag vs. leveling. Can you handle 'em both?

303 views October 08, 2018

Cellulose fibrils Topic Tuesday Episode #9: A fast recovery is good, and some times crucial, but that would also affect the leveling, right? In this weeks Topic Tuesday, we discuss how you can cope with the issue of getting fast recovery - and avoid sag - while getting your coating layer in level. We may also have some exciting ideas for you if...

Topic Tuesday #8: You need to change the way you think!

456 views September 24, 2018

Cellulose fibrils Topic Tuesday Episode #8: Technical Application Manager at Borregaard Cellulose Division, Otto Soidinsalo, joins Marketing Manager Mats Hjørnevik in a discussion on how governmental demands may change the way producers need to think in their innovation. As an example, this discussion focus on China and their legal actions...