Topic Tuesday #10: Safer and better batteries with thinner and stronger films

Trends are clear; today's technology demands expect smaller and lighter devices, while at the same time the need for digital speed, pace and stamina is a potential deal breaker. How do you cope with this when developing tomorrows technology? In today's Topic Tuesday we serve you some interesting thoughts on how to keep your batteries safer, so you can focus on staying in front in the ongoing development marathon. How are the trends of making electronics smaller affecting safety and use?Many aspects of development of electronics is not discussed much in the mainstream media. The performance is often in the spot light, but how does performance and safety work together? Marketing Manager Mats Hjørnevik and Techincal Application Manager Otto Soidinsalo from the Cellulose Fibrils unit at Borregaard share their thoughts on the topic in this 5 minutes coffee break sit-down. Maybe there are some aspects you have not delved into until now?
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