Borregaard - det grønne skiftet

76 views September 20, 2022

Borregaard's contribution to the UN's 2030 agenda

117 views September 24, 2019

Borregaard has prioritised six of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The priorities were selected based on the global...

Borregaards bidrag til FNs 2030-Agenda

57 views September 24, 2019

Borregaard har prioritert seks av de sytten bærekraftsmålene fastsatt av FNs 2030-agenda for bærekraftig utvikling. Prioriteringene er foretatt på bakgrunn av de globale utfordringene verden står...


Borregaard lignin biopolymers disperse yellow iron oxide

82 views April 15, 2024

Borregaard lignin biopolymers wet and disperse iron oxide in water.

Borregaard's lignin biopolymer wets carbon black

98 views April 15, 2024

Borregaard lignin biopolymer Vanisperse CB wets carbon black pigment.

Wetting and dispersion of carbon black with Borregaard's...

207 views April 15, 2024

Borregaard lignin biopolymers wet and disperse carbon black in water.

Dispersion of Disperse Red 60 with Borregaard biopolymers

98 views April 15, 2024

Borregaard lignin biopolymers wet and disperse Disperse Red 60 dye in water.

About Borregaard

Avanserte biobaserte produkter

70 views April 14, 2023

Animated film about Borregaard

590 views March 20, 2023

Animasjonsfilm om Borregaard

586 views March 20, 2023

Et sirkulært industrieventyr

229 views November 17, 2021

Et sirkulært industrieventyr


UN's Sustainability Goals

237 views November 15, 2021

UN's Sustainability Goals

Cellulose Fibrils

Glomma Papp using Exilva in their Corrugated board adhesives

578 views October 29, 2019

Over a period of over two years, the Norwegian corrugated board producer Glomma Papp has, together with Borregaard and the Exilva innovation, extensively tested, produced and developed corrugated...

How to add Exilva into Coatings

105 views April 08, 2024

A visual guide on how to correctly add Exilva into coating formulations.

Topic Tuesday #16 Microplastics in Agriculture

245 views November 30, 2021

How do we get rid of microplastics in AgChem? Listen to our #16 Topic Tuesday to hear our discussion on the topic!

Topic Tuesday 15 - Viscosity loss when tinting

178 views November 02, 2021

Prevention of viscosity loss upon tinting in waterborne coatings

Lignin Biopolymers

Borregaard's lignosulfonate binder is slowing the...

179 views April 25, 2024

This lab demonstration shows a lignin-based binding agent is slowing the disintegration of a sandball in water compared to salt

Enhancing flow with Borregaard's lignin biopolymer and...

35 views April 25, 2024

This lab demonstration shows the dispersing effect of Borregaard's lignin biopolymer on a viscous clay slurry.

Modifying crystal growth with Borregaard lignin biopolymer

72 views April 24, 2024

This lab demonstration shows how a lignin biopolymer from Borregaard retards and modifies crystal growth

Borregaard biopolymers disperse a pigment slurry

139 views April 15, 2024

Reducing viscosity with Borregaard's lignin biopolymer in a carbon black pigment slurry


BorreGRO HA-1 improves formulation flexibility

727 views August 24, 2021

See how conventional humic acids precipitate in low pH fertilizers while BorreGRO HA-1 delivers a stable and clean solution

Iron complexing properties of Borrechel Fe

50 views May 06, 2024

Borrechel Fe keeps iron sulfate soluble at alkaline pH.

Animal Feed

The Pelleting Process

2,326 views August 18, 2021

In this movie we take you through each step of the pelleting process, and show how Borregaard's pelleting aids LignoBond DD and Ameri-Bond 2X can contribute to better quality pellets and a more...

What is SoftAcid

643 views August 24, 2021

SoftAcid explained: learn how animal feed and livestock producers do not have to compromise between efficacy and safety when using organic acids as an alternative feed additive.

Feed Pellet Quality Factor calculator: concept and benefits

38 views May 06, 2024

In order to anticipate problems due to the use of certain raw materials, Borregaard has developed the Feed Pellet Quality Factor (FPQF), which indicates how well an animal feed formulation will...

Dust Control & Road Stabilisation

Dustex - World RallyX USA

13 views May 06, 2024

Dustex is based on lignin, the natural binder of wood fibers in trees. Dustex is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Dustex effectively binds the soil particles, reduces the amount...

Binding strength of Borregaard lignin biopolymer

385 views April 24, 2024

This lab demonstration shows the superior binding strength of Borregaard's lignin biopolymer vs salt

Dustex road stabilisation study from Norway

234 views August 24, 2021

Learn about a road stabilisation study that was initiated in Norway in 2001, and see how roads stabilised with Dustex® still performed after fifteen years!

Dustex creates a better racing experience

518 views August 24, 2021

Dustex is a very efficient dust suppressant for motorsport and rallycross tracks. It helps improve safety for the drivers and a more pleasant experience for the spectators/fans.

Paper & Packaging

Borresperse Paper

505 views September 06, 2021

Borresperse® Paper is a range of sustainable, bio-based strength enhancer solutions for corrugated medium